MERS QC Audits

What Is MERS®?

Mortgage Compliance Advisors, LLC offers our clients annual and monthly MERS® audit reviews. Our annual audit satisfies the MERS® requirement, which targets information reported within the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS).  The MERS® system is a national electronic registry, which tracks beneficial ownership interests and servicing rights in mortgage loans registered by their members.


Is The MERS® Audit Required?

All members listed in the MERS® System as servicing 1,000 or more Mortgage Identification Numbers (MINs) must use an external independent auditor or consultant for their annual review/report attestation. All members listed as servicing less than 1,000 MINs have the option of using an independent internal or external review party. Institutions registered with MERS® as “lite members” are not required to submit an annual report.


What Does The MERS® Audit Process Entail?

A comparative review of information contained in the servicing/origination system(s) and information in MERS® System will be performed to ensure that data entered into the MERS® System is accurate.  The MERS® System, origination/servicing system(s) and closing documents are reviewed by our compliance auditors. Variances in data, exceptions to registration/process deadlines, and inaccurate data contained in the closing documents are reviewed.  Results of the MERS® compliance audit are compiled and made available to you in the form of a report.


Are There Any Benefits From Performing MERS® Audit?

Yes, there is added value and benefit in performing such a review.  Ultimately, our MERS® audit review will provide lenders an assurance of quality and comfort knowing servicing information has been documented accurately and in a timely manner.


How To Get Started…

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